When I had the bimini made, I asked them to install a hinge allowing the frame to collapse and fold up for those days you don’t need the bimini, but they told me that the hinge necessary was A) not available, and B) would cost over $100 each of they did. So I accepted that from the canvas shop and never gave it much thought, until I came across this part from marinepartsdepot.com which was exactly what I had wanted since day one.  I ordered 2 immediately.

The hinges have a quick release pin that allows them to lock in the normal straight position, or quickly remove to allow the bimini to fold back.

Installation took about an hour and the hinge works great. We went out for a October sail the following weekend and it was real nice to fold the bimini back to get a little extra sun. One unintended bonus with the hinges is that I can now install or remove the bimini canvas in 2-3 minutes, where before it easily took 10-15 minutes to get it positioned just right to be able to get the zippers zipped under the tension it was always under.

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