I just had a new bimini added to the boat by Seafarer Canvas out of Norwalk. I stopped by their booth at the Norwalk boat show last fall. I had been looking into the various biminis available from online sources, and was considering an aluminum framed bimini from sailboatowners.com that had received good reviews, but Seafarer quoted me a stainless steel framed bimini, custom fit and installed, for only $50 more than I was looking at for the self installed aluminum framed bimini online, it was a no brainier and I ordered it on the spot.

They came out last fall and measured everything to ensure that not only can I stand under the the bimini, it also would not interfere with the boom, the winches would remain unencumbered, and the cockpit locker would be free to open fully. This required the use  of a strapless frame design, otherwise the forward straps would have been in the way, and made it rather difficult to get on and off the boat, as well as to get to the forward deck from the cockpit. They took the measurements back to their office and had everything ready for the spring.

After the boat was launched this spring they came down to install the bimini and ensure that everything fit properly.  I am very pleased with the results, the frame is nice and strong, plenty strong enough to be used as a handhold when underway to stabilize ones self, a role in which I’m sure it will get plenty of use.

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