Last season the poor quality of the old stamped West Marine danforth knockoff anchor that came with the boat became something I could no longer deny when my anchor failed to reset after a wind shift and tide change caused the boat to drag into the shallows and ground in the soft mud of Port Jefferson as the tide ran out (other than my pride, there was nothing damaged).  I did a lot of research on the new modern anchors and while it seems pretty clear that the Manson Supreme is the all around best anchor, it’s also the all around hardest to fit anchor. The all around second best anchor on the market is pretty clearly the Fortress, and in a mud or sand environment, it’s almost always the Fortress.  I am aware that this statement is as controversial as politics or religion, but there are many different tests performed by many different groups, and they all show the Fortress outperforming virtually every anchor on the market, except for the Manson in a rocky bottom.

One additional thing going for the Fortress, my anchor locker was made for a danforth style anchor, and the Manson wouldn’t fit.  So that clinched the decision to go with the Fortress.  According to Fortress the FX-7 anchor is large enough for my boat, but after I measured my locker I found tat the FX-11 would fit, so without hesitation I went with the larger of the two.

I have spent a number of nights on the hook since getting the Fortress, and many afternoon trips as well. Every time the anchor set as if I had a parking brake for the boat, didn’t drag an inch, and was easy to retreive.


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