My 21 year old boat is performing like a brand new one! I just got the new sails from Neil Pryde that I ordered last fall and went out for the afternoon. Performance improvement is so incredible I can’t believe it! Pointing ability is significantly better, and at the same time, speed is better while pointing! Now all I need is to replace the miserable Crosby Rigged mainsheet with a traveler and everything will be fantastic!

I knew my old sails were overdue for replacement (they were the original sails to the boat), but I didn’t realise just how much performance improvement I was going to get!

Bob Pattison, Technical Director for Neil Pryde International (aka cheif sail designer for the entire company) came and did the measurements on my boat himself, and suggested that I switch to a loose footed main for a little better sail shape at the bottom, and made sure the cut for the new 135 Genoa would fit my fairlead track without any problem.   I couldn’t be happier with the purchase!

New sail dimenstions are:
I: 29.4

I also ordered the sail with a Compass Rose (rotated 13deg to match the magnatic deveation of Long Island Sound), instead of the generic Hunter 27 logo,  as I wanted something a little more personal.

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