The previous owner must of had some leaks in the stanchions as he applied silicone over the the base of the stanchions and the bolts. I have been putting off rebedding them as they have not been leaking for me, but a month or so back we rafted up with a friend’s larger boat while in Port Jeff waiting for some torrential rain to ease up before we headed home, and ended up putting a good bit of stress on a couple of the starboard stanchions when the weather picked up before we could get the boats unrafted. No damage was done, but ever since then the stanchions that were stressed have been leaking.  I ordered a some butyl tape from Maine Sail to rebed the stanchions with.

My stanchions have prefit permanent backing plates, this are not thrubolted so the rebedding was  a one person project.  Each stanchion is held in place with four 1/4″ pan head bolts, whatever remaining sealant from the last time they were rebedded (probably when they left the Hunter factory 21 years ago), and the silicone the previous owner used to improperly seal them.

As you can see from the picture below, the old sealant had failed almost completely and had let water in under the base as well as plenty of dirt.

Stanchion after removal

Stanchion after removal

I scraped as much of the old material off the deck and stanchion bases as I could, then finished the job with a dremel with the felt polishing wheel, and a little heavy duty rubbing compound.  The felt wheel also did a nice job of removing the staining on the stainless and left the bases with a nice polished shine.

Butyl prepped

Deck prepped with butyl

I applied the butyl to the deck so when the stanchion was reattached it would completely fill the underside of the base. I also wound a cone of butyl around the shank of the bolt in order to ensure a good seal all the way through to the hole in the deck.

Prepped and ready to install

Prepped and ready to install





4 Responses to “Rebedding Stanchions with Butyl”

  • Bob D. says:

    Where was the water showing up? I have a ’92 Hunter 27 and get water in the bow compartment which does not drain to the bilge. I suspect the stanchion and pulpit. I originally had a problem with the chain locker drain but it has been repaired.


    • Most of the water was dripping in down the inside of the hull behind the seat back, but a bit was dripping down up near the V-Berth and getting the cushions wet and allowed the teak piece covering the anchor locker drain hose to get water logged and start to rot. Sine rebedding I haven’t seen any water come in.

  • john belanger says:

    i feel for your problem, but though it looks like you have solved the problem, (temporarily) , i have to comment on the placement of the stanchion. it appears to be in the middle of the sluiceway overboard. seems to be the worst place for the stanchion or any hardware to be attached to the boat. my .02

    • I agree the placement isn’t well thought out, but there’s not much I can do about that now. It would be pretty tough to move them since they are bolted into glassed in backing plates, and there is no access to put new backing places anywhere else, not to mention the effort of patching the holes that would be left.

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