Installed the track and car for the spinnaker pole and whisker pole padeye on the mast today. I went with the 1″ T track to ensure the car fits between the 2 V cleats mounted on the front of the mast for securing of the lazy jacks. The car slides between them with just a perfect amount of clearance on either side. Luckily for me the padeye car from ABI is just the right size for my little 14″ twist lock whisker pole that I picked up for a steal at west marine last season. It also sticks out far enough forward that I am able to rotate the whisker pole and use it as far aft as the drifter should ever need, so that also solves my previous described problem of having to use the shrouds to attach the whisker pole to when using the drifter.

I still need to install the padeye up the mast that I will use to hold the end of the pole upright for storage, and pick up a couple more screws for the top 2 holes of the track as between the screw bins at west marine and the deck of the boat, I somehow came up 2 short. Additionally I think I will need a Mast Mounted Pole Chock or two to hold the pole in place so it doesn’t rattle around when underway.

1 inch Mast T-Track with ABI padeye car

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