I bought my camera out on Frequent Flyer for some pictures from the last 2 days of AYC Spring Series.  Since our bowman no-showed for the last day of the race we decided not to even attempt to hoist the spinnaker with the wind conditions being so blustery, so that left a lot more free time to take pictures of all the boats that did try to fly a chute, usually with less than ideal results.

Camera is a Canon SX280 (20x optical zoom with digital image stabilization) in the WP-DC49 Waterproof Case.

4 Responses to “AYC Spring Series 2014”

  • Congrats to ALL that contributed to this Great effort

    Thank you

    Don Porter

  • Zack Fluhr says:

    Nice pictures. I would like a copy of IMG_1079 and IMG_1080 in the highest resolution you can provide. I will be happy to pay you for the images. Thanks.

    • Zack, Thanks!

      Unfortunately I don’t have anything higher resolution than what is uploaded here, That’s the file straight off the camera. You don’t have to pay for the pictures, but assuming you’ll be CPYC ODR in a few weeks buy me a couple dark and stormy’s and we’ll call it even!

      In order to get the image stabilization function to work properly on this (and I believe any) camera, which is the only way I can take a even somewhat composed shot like that while hiking out on the rail and beating into 20-30kt+ winds, especially zoomed, that is the highest resolution I believe I can take the picture in. The camera is essentially digital zooming in on the middle half of the frame in order to be able to keep the image stable long enough to focus and take the shot. That’s why it looks grainy when you zoom all the way in, because it’s really already zoomed to double at that point.

  • Don Porter says:

    Really rough weather Sun as your photos indicate !

    Many issues for many boats !

    Nice work on ALL these great photos !!!

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