Jen and I sailed the boat home to Stamford, CT from it’s winter layover in City Island, NY last night, approximately 17.3nm over ground. Left the dock at City Island at 5:58pm, and reached the dock in Stamford at 8:41pm according to the track on the GPS. That puts my average SOG at least 6.3kts, probably a little more as I didn’t sail the shortest path back had to cover a little more ground than my course called for.

Winds were blowing 12-15 average around 14 (apparent) out of the SSW, we were on a broad reach with just the main for most of the trip, only dropped below 6kts for a few moments at a time between swells, often saw both the GPS and knot indicator spike up above 8kts surfing down swells, once the hull speed even registered 11kts for about 30 solid seconds riding on a swell before it finally passed under us. Knot log recorded 15.6nm of water under the hull. We also had about .75kts of tidal current pushing us along when we left, fading down to 0kts (slack tide) about 1 hour before reaching the dock (average of about .25kts of current)

New foul weather jacket worked out very nice. Air temp was around 70, but with the wind and the occasional spray, the jacket did a great job of keeping me warm and dry by stopping the wind dead in it’s tracks.

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