Owner Name Year Vessel Name Hailing Port State Country HIN Purchase Date
Brian Higgins1990Four PointsStamfordCTUnited StatesHUNB0324H990June 2009
Addtl Notes:2nd OwnerPrevious Owners:Richard Heist
Lynn and Les Blackwell2008TrumpeterBellinghamWAUnited StatesHUN2721515D809June 2009
Addtl Notes:lynn and I have had four previous Hunters--we downsided to this Hunter 27 which turns out to be the perfect boat for us.Previous Owners:This was a new boat for us.
Bruce Miller1979OrionSaint CloudFLUnited StatesHUN54410M79E2004
Addtl Notes:Documented Vessel - 610043Previous Owners:
Tony McMahon1984Radiant BeamWilmington, NCNCUnited StatesHUN55315M84B2003
Addtl Notes:Previous Owners:
Bob Daye1992PastimeLewisporte, Nl, CanaNon-USACanadaHUND008202922006
Addtl Notes:Wheel, 1GM10 Yanmar Diesel, Hunter Cruise-Pac, mainsheet-end of boom to one point in cockpit, dodger, bimini, radar, GPS, AIS/vHF, autohelm, tridata.Previous Owners:purchased Dartmouth Yacht Club,NS; before that Bras d\'or Lakes,NS; before that..?
Steve Morris1990Slightly SoakedMoreheadKYUnited StatesHUND0033F990November, 2010
Addtl Notes:Previous Owners:
Tom Glock1982Tight LinesCape MayNJUnited StatesNEED TO LOOK6/2008
Addtl Notes:Previous Owners:
Ron Madewell1992TipSeaWhiskeytownCAUnited StatesHUND006861929/10
Addtl Notes:Previous Owners:
Tom Milke1980PilgrimMayo, MDMDUnited StatesHUN12345Oct 2003
Addtl Notes:Cherubini designPrevious Owners:
Chuck Laskey1984Passing WindNewportMIUnited StatesHUN55352M84F04/28/05
Addtl Notes:I\'m third owner of the boat and it has spent all it\'s time on the Great Lakes. I have made many improvements, for Cruising and Racing. It is a great boat with very good manners.Previous Owners:
patrick whelan1981suncatchersafety harbor flFLUnited States11?2009
Addtl Notes:27 ft tall rig....Previous Owners:unknown
John Ashton1980PersephoneRochester, NYNYUnited StatesHUN54624M80D9/14/2009
Addtl Notes:John lives in West Virginia, spends weeks at a time on the boat during the summer. Engine was completely rebuilt in 2010, along with hull work. Boat is in very good shape.Previous Owners:
Phil Pendleton1975Con BrioHarbor Square,FLUnited StatesHUNT 0232005
Addtl Notes:Been sailing this boat since it was newPrevious Owners:Steve Foley
Mike Balla1982Ruthie GSanduskyOHUnited StatesHUN55138M82H8/2010
Addtl Notes:Previous Owners:
John Paull2002MirageNorth Haven MarinaNon-USAAustralia1234567801/01/11
Addtl Notes:Previous Owners:
Barrett Owens1984Sea ZenLighthouse LandingKYUnited States1111111106/01/2010
Addtl Notes:Previous Owners:
Alan Carr1991SarayuGrand RiverKYUnited StatesN/A2010
Addtl Notes:Previously owned/sailed a Buccaneer 18. Purchased a 91 Hunter 27 in 2010 on Kentucky Lake moored at Lighthouse Landing.Previous Owners:
Rodney Kennamerr1982Off The ClockOrange BeachALUnited StatesHUN58181M8209-22-2011
Addtl Notes:Just getting started. A real novice. First sailboat and as you can see, this will be my first sailing season.Previous Owners:
Brian Day-Lewis1980DublinerFairhaven MAMAUnited StatesHUN54632M80D2010
Addtl Notes:I am looking for a jib for this boat. It came without one. If anyone has a lead into one please keep me in mind. I don\'t need newPrevious Owners:
David Jackson1978Summer windsSouth HeroVTUnited StatesHUN54306M78K2010
Addtl Notes:Previous Owners:
Tony Dudley1981FantaseaDealeMDUnited StatesHUN54959M81G09/28/2008
Addtl Notes:Previous Owners:
Jeremy Brown1984PeregrinePortlandORUnited StatesHUN55332V84D04/01/12
Addtl Notes:Previous Owners:
Harold Green1984Shelly GNassau BayTXUnited StatesHUN55376M84H3/05/2012
Addtl Notes:Previous Owners:
David Borkowski1980undecidedIndianapolisINUnited StatesHUN54564M80A4/2009
Addtl Notes:Previous Owners:
Steve Morris1990Slightly SoakedSaint AlbansWVUnited StatesHUND0033F990November, 2010
Addtl Notes:Previous Owners:
Bruce and Susan Gregoire1982MischiefWarwickRIUnited StatesHUN55083M82BJuly 1, 2010
Addtl Notes:Previous Owners:
george mcbrien1977brigadooncambridge MDMDUnited StatesHUN50461M7D210/2011
Addtl Notes:New to sailing, learn as you go stylePrevious Owners:
Stephan Moore1979La Wanda JaySt. AgustineFLUnited States20624676/30/2012
Addtl Notes:she is a sweet boat in need of some TLC. she is home now and will get the attention she needs I look foreward to many good years of sailing ahead . I have to replace the trans on the vovlo D6 and new sails I think the old sails must have come from a Hobi cat Have to be the smallest I have ever seen .I refered to them as my perm. storm sails LOL But I am happy with the cond. of the boat over all I named her after my mother and daughter so now she is a member of the familyPrevious Owners:Jerry Lee Miller
Gary Jones1992Wind DancerLake JacomoMOUnited StatesHUNB0356J19205/20/2012
Addtl Notes:I\'m new to sailing and this is my first boat purchase.Previous Owners:
jerry smith1990orioncold lakeNon-USACanadaHUNB0337A0902010
Addtl Notes:Previous Owners:
Kurt Hannig1989No name yetClevelandOHUnited States????10/15/2012
Addtl Notes:Previous Owners:
Robert Early1978Second natureFairhavenMAUnited StatesHUN54243M78GJuly 2001
Addtl Notes:Previous Owners:
David Arndt1977GustoLSYC- LorainOHUnited StatesHUN50487M77G03/2012
Addtl Notes:Previous Owners:
Bob Leahey2006SalsaHonoluluHIUnited States102Oct. 2011
Addtl Notes:Previous Owners:She was raced be a Hunter factory guy and famous sailor, Steve Pettingale. Hope I spelled that correctly! Then found her way to So. Cal where she raced, and did quite well, both in Fla and Ca. She is now \"retired,\" and is a gently sailed island hopper. She is in Bristol condition.
Gary Oesterle1978\"Take Luck\"GeorgetownMDUnited States2 HUN54290M72009
Addtl Notes:Previous Owners:Guy Burnett
Jess Gregory1989Sea LionGainesville, FLFLUnited StatesHUND0000B98912/29/2010
Addtl Notes:Second owner. Boat is in very good shape. Many upgrades. Sails nicely. Hull number suggests that this might have been the first of the new H27 line in 1989.Previous Owners:
Matt Green2008Red LegendRamsgate, UK.Non-USAUnited KingdomLUH27043G6072011
Addtl Notes:Hunter 27x Raced since new and now raced with summer cruises. 2013, south coast of England cruise, Round the Island Race and 1st place in Autumn series. 2014, autumn series then early summer in Holland... Boat is set up and races for IRC with large main and predominently asymetric spinnakers, although equipped for symetrical. Cruise with seperate hanked jib and smaller mainsail with sliders to make it simpler shorthanded.Previous Owners:
Miguel Checa81TBDLake LanierGAUnited StatesHUN54880M81C8/2016
Addtl Notes:Previous Owners:
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